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Here is how solar energy can help meet your energy needs


Solar energy systems from Radiantec use a water based antifreeze solution to put solar energy to work .

The sun shines upon a solar collector and the solar energy heats the antifreeze solution within the collector. Then the heated fluid is circulated to one or more heat exchangers and the solar generated heat is put to use. The fluid then returns to the solar collectors to be reheated.

Low intensity thermal needs, such as the need for domestic hot water and the need for space heat, make up most of a typical building's energy consumption.

To the extent that we meet these needs with solar energy, we can save money and help the environment. Then we can save our conventional energy supplies for other, more difficult tasks.

Here are the most popular solar options (with graphics) Solar Options Diagram

Solar energy systems work best when they are simple. They operate most efficiently when they run at low to moderate temperatures. They are also most economical when they have something to do year around.


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