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The Solar Option II Heating System


Other solar options.

The Solar Option II is the most popular heating system because it is so versatile; a single heating system that can do many things. Solar Option II uses the sun's energy to make space heat, domestic hot water, and even heat for swimming pools and snow melting.

It even provides a limited amount of free cooling in the summer.

Solar Option II can be used with both new and retrofit applications.

Solar collectors can be placed on the home itself, or they can also be located on the garage or outside storage building. Solar collectors can be ground mounted and landscaped so that they provide privacy and shelter from the wind.

Solar Option II: Low cost, efficient, easy to install, and flexible.

Solar Option II will lower your fossil fuel use to a fraction of what it would have been. You will often have luxurious amounts of heat and hot water for free. A high efficiency backup heater makes sure you never run out. You can use solar energy for snow melting, & and even extend the season in your pool or garden.


The sun will shine upon 5-6 liquid type solar collectors (4' x 8' typical). The solar energy will be stored in one or more 80-gallon solar storage tanks.

Heat for the building is provided by underfloor radiant heat, the most comfortable and efficient heat that there is.

In the summer, cold water passes through the floors before it goes to the fixtures. Heat is taken out of the house for FREE!

Step 1 What happens when solar energy is being collected.
Step 2 What happens when space heat is called for.
Step 3 What happens when domestic hot water is used.
Step 4 What happens when cooling is required.
  Other solar options.

Performance Expected

Solar Option II will provide most of the domestic hot water and 30-90% of the space heating needs. Higher solar percentages are possible with additional storage tanks, but cost performance will decrease.

Economic Performance

If oil costs $2.00 per gallon, Solar Option II will save you enough money to yield about 14% annual return on the investment (tax free). If the cost of oil goes up in the future either because of inflation or escalation, the return on the solar investment will go up as well.

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