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Why Solar?

Home with solar panels on the roof Choose Solar Heat for your new home... It may just be the brightest thing you have done in a long time!!

This is why Solar Heating should be a part of your building project

An underfloor heating system from Radiantec Company is the most comfortable and efficient choice you can make, no matter what fuel you choose... but when you select solar as the energy source, you can really feel good about your energy decision.

Here are the benefits of Solar Heating:

  • Solar heat is environmentally friendly. Solar heat does not pollute or produce greenhouse gases. It helps conserve the earth's energy resources for our children and grandchildren.
  • Solar is as pure, clean and safe as you can get. It is the best choice for people with allergy problems and chemical sensitivities. There will be no tanks of highly flammable materials in your house. It will be free of fuel odors and there will be lower electromagnetic fields.
  • Solar heating is stable in price. Once you have bought it, you are protected from inflation and the political surprises that come with other fuels.
  • Solar heating is a wise investment. The yield is comparable to a good stock. One nice thing is that the yield from your solar investment is tax free and that the yield goes up in value at the rate of inflation. Imagine what that could be in 20 years!
  • Solar heat makes your home something special. People with solar heated homes are intelligent, self-confident, socially aware and environmentally responsible.


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