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The Solar Option I Heating System


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Domestic Hot Water and Space Heating With Long Term Passive Heat Storage

This is the most powerful of the Radiantec heating systems. It is a "hybrid" system that combines the best features of "active" and "passive" technologies while leaving behind their respective disadvantages.


A significant advantage of the Solar Option I system is that it is capable of meeting nearly all of a residential type building's heating needs, even in quite challenging climates. Another advantage is exceptionally high efficiency that very low operating temperatures entail. "Substantial improvements were noted in system efficiency, overall performance, initial cost and architectural flexibility. An increase in collector efficiency translates into fewer solar panels, lowered costs,and easier design integration into accepted building styles. A large thermal mass, integrated within the building's structure provides prolonged solar storage, radiant comfort and further lowered costs."

-Report to US Department of Energy
1983 (DOE/CE15140-T)

The Solar Option I is applicable to new slab on grade buildings. It uses the structure's inherent ability to store heat energy and that must be designed in from the beginning.


The sun will shine upon 7 or more solar collectors. Solar energy will be stored within an 120 gallon solar storage tank for domestic hot water and within a 2' thick slab and compacted earth bed for long-term space heating storage.

2008 Prices

7 - 4' x 8' Solar Collectors $4,977.00
Mounting Hardware and struts $420.00
120 Gallon Storage Tank with Integral Heat Exchanger $1,200.00
Plumbing Mechanical Package $469.00
High Head Pump $329.00
Solar Controller with heat dump and high temp override $749.00
Thermostatic Slab Control $255.00
Quality Tempering Valve $119.00
Misc. Components (sensors, struts, etc.) $180.00
Passive Solar Heat Exchanger (tubing, manifolds) $1,500.00

Total $10,198.00


Solar Option I heating systems are capable of providing up to 95% of a home's heat and domestic water needs.


If oil costs $1.00 per gallon, Solar Option I will save enough money to yield about 12% annual return on the investment (tax free). If the cost of oil goes up in the future either because of inflation or escalation, the return on the solar investment will go up as well.

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