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Snow Melting, Deicing & Gardens


These applications heat the earth outside by means of plastic heat exchanger tubing. An advantage is that the operating temperature will be very low and the solar system can be put to use on cloudy days when the sun is not strong enough to do a higher temperature application.

The gardening application extends the season, allows the cultivation of plants and varieties that would otherwise be impossible to grow, helps protect against frost and makes everything grow better. Again, this use can make use of low-grade solar energy that is not useful for anything else.

Radiant Solar Snowmelt, Deicing or Garden Diagram

Pools & Spas

This is a good use for excess solar energy during the summer. It will extend the season for the pool and keep the solar panels cool. Your roof will be cooler and your air conditioning needs may be lower as a result.

Radiant Solar Pool & Spa Diagram


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