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Q: Why should we do business with Radiantec?

A: Radiantec has the longest and strongest credentials in the solar heating industry.

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Experience, support, knowledge, reputation,
price, options and leadership...
since 1979.
At Radiantec, we are not just fooling around with solar heat.
We have done the homework and have fully developed mature
technology that makes economic and environmental sense.


In 1979, when Radiantec first started to offer radiant heating services, there were only two or three companies to choose from.

But now, you have many choices. It seems that new companies are coming (and going) almost every day. There are many reasons why Radiantec is still the best choice.

  • RADIANTEC has done tens of thousands of radiant heating jobs.
  • We have done residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural projects.
  • We have done heating cooling, and snow melting projects.
  • We have put tubing in floors, ceilings, walls and driveways.
  • We have done heating cooling, and snow melting projects.


Aircraft Hangers, Ambulance Ramps, Handicraft Ramps, Nursing Homes, Veterinary Hospitals, Boats, A Japanese Bridge, A Lighthouse, numerous Geodesic Domes and Swedish Yurts, Recreational Vehicles, a Turtle Hatchery and even an Elephant House.

Integrity and Reputation

A company with 30 years of experience accumulates a track record. You can click on the Better Business logo below and obtain a report, or we will be pleased to provide you with references.

Click here for BBB Business Review International Code Council Radiantec Incorporated


For the United States
Department of Energy

Solar House


Radiantec Company performed early research into the properties of solar collectors when they are connected to radiant heating systems.  In the process we studied the properties of the various tubings with regard to heat exchange ability and flow resistance.  We learned a lot and published two scientific papers for the International Solar Energy Society.  We also generated a complete report for the United States Department of Energy.

DOE Award, DOE Report, Magazine Covers

Radiantec has received numerous awards and been featured in several National magazines 

Click here to go to a wealth of magazine articles and reports that apply to both solar and non solar radiant heating work.

But solar heating is not for everyone.  Nevertheless, all of our customers benefit from knowledge that we gained about alternative energy.  Solar radiant heating is much more challenging than other forms of heating.  Great attention needs to be paid to efficiency and this knowledge is important today.


Infrared Shot of the floor


Radiantec Company maintains an ongoing program of research and development in order to learn more about radiant heating and to develop new products and applications.  The research benefits our customers with better, more efficient and more economical systems.

Infrared Shot

Photograph of a Barn

Our new research is looking into all aspects of radiant heating with an emphasis on energy efficiency.

In our opinion, the application of radiant heating is at a high level, but there is room for improvement.  There are and probably always will be questions about the best way to insulate the structure so that the heat that you are paying for is going in the right direction.

There are additional questions about the value of aluminum heat emission plates and how they should be fabricated and how much they should be used.

We are gathering more information about the effects of floor covering on radiant output.

Feel free to consult with our technicians about the latest results.  In some cases, we will test materials and applications for individuals.


Photograph of a Radiantec Van

Radiantec Company installs a number of radiant projects each year in the local area for training purposes.  All of our sales technicians and advisors have considerable experience actually doing radiant work.  There is no substitute for this kind of experience.


Photograph of Robert Starr

Radiantec founder and CEO, Robert Starr has a broad scientific and business background.

  • Graduated the University of Vermont with Bachelor of Science.
  • US Army Military Service as a Field Medic.  Co D 50th Medical Bn.
  • Social worker, Nursing Home Administrator, Correctional Counselor
  • Principal Investigator of a Research Project for US Department of Energy in Radiant Heat.
  • Commercial pilot with Instrument Rating and Instructor Certificates.
  • Founder and CEO of Radiantec.

Radiantec Since 1979


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