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Q: Does solar really work where I live??

A: Yes, it is possible to use solar energy in even difficult areas.

Solar Barn in WinterRadiantec Company is located in Northern Vermont and we hear these questions quite a bit. Northern Vermont can be bitterly cold and is subject to prolonged cloudy spells, particularly in November and December and sometimes during the springtime. Other parts of the continental US are also subject to cloudy spells such as Buffalo NY and Seattle, WA.

But the answer is "Yes, it is possible to use solar energy in these areas." It is just not as easy as it is in Colorado. A solar energy system must be very efficient and well thought out to be practical in some areas, but it can be done. That is a proven fact.

A solar performance calculation is not hard; basic arithmetic really. We look at four things:

  1. The Solar Resource.
  2. The energy requirement to be met.
  3. The ability to store solar energy for use in cloudy periods.
  4. The efficiency of the system.
To learn more, see our answer to the followup question: How much can solar really do for me?


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