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Q: How can excess solar energy help my gardening?

A: Many solar energy systems produce an overabundance of energy at certain times of the year. If the sun shines abundantly, there may be extra energy left over for other uses. Also, on some days, the sun is not strong enough to heat the home, but it is strong enough to thaw out the garden for spring planting or raise temperatures in the soil for better biological activity.

"Utilization" of your solar heating system is an important consideration in determining the cost benefit of your solar energy system. After all, if the sun comes out and you have nothing to do with the energy, there will be little cost benefit.

So why not utilize extra solar energy to improve your garden!

14 foot sunflower!
The boy is nearly 6 ft tall.
The sunflower is 14 ft tall.
faster composting than ever
Faster, more complete composting than ever.
children holding a tomato
Kids showing off a tomato

If you have an interest in gardening, we suggest that you click on the link above for more information how you can turn excess solar heat into healthy food for your home

At RADIANTEC, we believe that high quality food can be grown locally from small, (even urban) plots that are highly fresh and free from pesticides, unnatural fertilizers and ridiculous transportation cost.

We hope you will take a look.


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