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Q: How long will a solar energy system last?

A: A solar energy system from Radiantec is designed to last the life of the building.

Solar BarnrThe solar energy system should last the life of the building that it serves. The exterior portion (the solar collectors) is made of tempered glass, and extruded aluminum, like a quality commercial storefront window. The copper pipe is protected by anti corrosion agents in the antifreeze and should last over 50 years. Pumps have been lasting over 25 years because of their high quality and the lubricating effect of the antifreeze.

The antifreeze solution should be checked every 10 years and replaced when needed. It is likely to last for 25-years. The solar storage tanks are like other domestic hot water heaters except that they are of high quality and have ample anticorrosion rods. They should last over ten years. Underfloor heating materials are made of high-grade plastics and will last the life of the building. The controls are all solid state.

The use of an installation package is strongly recommended. An installation package is economical, and you get all the right parts in a form that only goes together the right way. You will save a lot on labor.


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