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Q: What is it like to live in a solar heated home?

A: Luxurious, efficient, rewarding, economical... the list goes on and on!

Radiant Heat Feels Great!

Living in a home heated by a Radiantec solar heating system just might be the most comfortable experience you've ever had, and is a uniquely rewarding and pleasurable experience for many reasons:

  • Unmatched comfort whatever the weather
  • Self-sufficiency and energy independence
  • Added value to your home
  • A quality investment that pays for itself quickly
  • An environmentally-friendly heating solution
  • Abundant,guilt-free heat and hot water
  • A positive example for family,friends and neighbors

Solar panels: Show them off, or not.

solar panels on a wood shed

A home heated by solar doesn't have to look ultramodern or have a radical design. Radiantec solar heating systems can work with any home design - new construction or retrofit - and solar panels can be mounted on your roof or on the ground.

Radiantec solar means abundant heating...

Solar panels on corner of a roof How many solar panels you install is up to your needs and your budget - you can do a little or a lot: A smaller system may be enough to meet your requirements or just enough to pre-heat your water in the winter and help bring those energy bills down.

A bigger system will give you all of the heat and hot water you want for much of the year-free. You can open your windows and benefit from increased ventilation even in cold weather.

Owners Manual
If you want to learn more about owning a solar energy system take a look at the owners manual

... and cooling.

Some systems even provide a limited amount of free cooling, because all of the water that your household uses passes through the underfloor tubing before going to the fixtures. In the process heat is drawn out of the house for free.

When you live in a home with a Radiantec solar energy system, you live in luxurious comfort while you are doing the right thing for the environment.

Radiantec Solar Heating Look at all the ways you can use Radiantec Solar Heating and Hot Water systems...
Radiantec Solar Heating
underfloor radiant heat Underfloor radiant heat 

Root Zone Heating in Gardens Root zone heating in gardens 

Snow Melting in Driveways and Paths Snow melting in driveways & paths 

Pools & Spas Pools and spas 

Outbuildings and Stables Outbuildings and stables 


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